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Local Congress Secretariat
Argentinian Association for Mental Health (AASM)
Ayacucho 234
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel./ Fax: +54 11 4952-1923
1 PM - 5 PM

  Social events

World Mental Health Congress Official Dinner

El Querandí
On August 27th, the 2013 World Mental Health Congress will offer it's Official Dinner Tango Show at El Querandí.

In accordance to the Buenos Aires registry of cadastre, the property at the corner of Moreno and Peru was one of the first groups of houses at that time.

El QuerandíEl Querandí

The old colonial house of Peru and Moreno transforms itself into the Bar "El Querandí" for good in the year 1920. With an impressive art deco façade, and, in the inside to be highlighted, a superb cedar boisserie darkened with a walnut brown cover; its reserved place limited by Salomon columns, its chessboard-like floor; its majestic wooden-tinned bar, and its round tables accompanied by Viennese chairs.

Despite its humble origins, in the 20´s tango left the brothels and the underworld districts to reach the high-class ballrooms, but to do so it had to travel to Paris to return triumphant. Typical characteristics of a society that has always looked at Europe for its models. Tango became, at last, a complete cultural expression, a gathering of myths, values, traditions and aspirations. For some people just representative of a past epoch, but in fact, tango is felt in the air of the city, as humidity.

El QuerandíEl Querandí

Tango is still alive. A good way of penetrating its spirit is visiting one of the restaurants that offers tango shows of an excellent level, to enjoy tango´s sensual magnetism taken to the stage by some of the best dancers, singers and musicians in Buenos Aires.

Dinner at El Querandí will introduce you to the famous beef and delicious wines of Argentina. This will be followed by a spectacular presentation of the acclaimed popular and sensuous Tango, performed by the world´s best.

Tango is undoubtedly the most authentic artistic expression in Argentina. It is a genuine creation born in the late nineteenth century from the depths of the people´s soul.

It gained international recognition in the early twentieth century and was interpreted in various ways: sometimes with other artistic quality, others it was interpreted in a cartoonish way by internationally renowned artists.

U$D 90.00 (With transportation provided from hotel)
(Limited vancancies)

Gaucho Party - 9 hours
Estancia Santa Susana
August 29th (all day)

By the end of the last century, Mr. francisco Kelly , an Argentine citizen of irish descendance named his land Santa Susana as a homage to his wife, Susana Caffrey.

The ranch is located in the district of Campana , Buenos Aires province, and near the town of Los Cardales.

It actually occupies an area of 1200 Hectares (2965 acres) mainly dedicated to agricultural activities, it has also been exploites as a tourism resort, either at national or at international levels.

Fiesta Gaucha - Estancia Santa SusanaFiesta Gaucha - Estancia Santa Susana

Many were the personalities who stayed in the Estancia and it was once inhabited and visited several times by the unforgettable "Carlos Gardel". It was the scene of several films, including "Camila", directed by Maria Luisa Bemberg and "Las cosas del querer".

Fiesta Gaucha - Estancia Santa SusanaFiesta Gaucha - Estancia Santa Susana

Fiesta Gaucha - Estancia Santa SusanaFiesta Gaucha - Estancia Santa Susana

Gaucho Party

The strolls in typical one-horse carriages called "sulkys", or just riding on horse-back, will show the visitors the enchantment of the Argentine land, the beautiful landscape, its growing crops, and let them feel the incomparable wild aroma in the air.

Fiesta Gaucha - Estancia Santa SusanaFiesta Gaucha - Estancia Santa Susana

The field day culminates with an exhibition and mix-up of matched-together horse herds (tropillas), and then autochtonous horseback sport called "carreras de sortijas" (ring-races), all of which show the remarkable dominion excerted by gaucho upon his horses.

Fiesta Gaucha - Estancia Santa SusanaFiesta Gaucha - Estancia Santa Susana

  • Empanadas & wine reception in the ranch's pub
  • Visit guides to the museum & to the church
  • Hourse & breacks trips
  • Typic lunch
  • Tango & folklore with malambo of boleadoras Shows
  • Destrezas Criollas:
    • Sortija race
    • Entrevero de Tropillas
    • Cuadreras race

Net rate per guest U$D 90.00
Net Rate per person- Taxes included- Liable to changes and disposal upon confirmation- Lunch Included

Fiesta Gaucha - Estancia Santa Susana

Aerolíneas Argentinas
Special discount plane tickets.